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The ‘Aura Ion’ Charity

Run for HOPE, Run for Vision, Run to HELP!


If you have ever run before take a moment to remember that feeling when you cross the finish line, if you sprint finish, jog or even crawl – it’s incomparable to anything. At the same time there is something so amazing about the feeling we get when we help others.

When you run for team #HOPEvisionHELP you not only get to enjoy an incredible running experience, but also get to share all these feelings with your new friends inspiring all those around you to end distress, hunger and poverty.


Who are we?

The ‘Aura Ion’ Charity is a non-profit organization officially formed June 2015. We aim to unite people from all walks of life and inspire them to grow as individuals and as leaders in service to humanity. We have headquarters in Romania, Bucharest and in UK we work in partnership with “Aura Ion Foundation”. This way we redirect all funds received to the grass root projects we are involved in within any area of Romania.


Our mission is to work along communities to end hunger and poverty and to act as a catalyst for developing a culture of respecting and helping one another.



What are we doing?

We see our organization as a part of a larger effort to bring together people to address, poverty, education and healthcare issues in their community and see those communities transformed for a better, smarter and healthier future.

Through our extensive awareness campaigns in the last 12 months alone we managed to supply: 350 xmas boxes to disadvantaged people, 40 fully equipped school backpacks to those in need, sponsored 60 disabled and disadvantaged children to take part in running events. Several regular homeless and relief campaigns have been initiated all over the country and supported with 2 tonnes of donations and supplies.


How to join team  #HOPEvisionHELP

As a runner: send us a message at to let us know you want to run with us (we’ll send you the details);


As a volunteer you can join our team. We always welcome volunteers and by joining Team #HOPEvisionHELP you will meet new people and spend a fun day helping us make the race day a success for everybody involved.

Thank you and see you soon!

You can see all our activities, projects and photos on our website:

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