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Teens Race

[heading subtitle=”Saturday 30th May 2020″] [/heading]

[heading subtitle=”START TEENS` RACE 10:00 AM”] [/heading]

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[tabbed_section] [tab title=”SPECIAL RULES TEEN`S RACE” id=”t1″] – Registration of minors is based on their birth certificate (copy) and a medical certificate attesting that they are fit for physical effort.
– The race is dedicated to teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19.
– Children will run by themselves, without their parent or tutor / adult, except for children with disabilities.
– At registration and race kit pick-up, all children will be accompanied by an adult – parent or tutor, who will sign the personal declaration of responsibility.
– Winners must present their birth certificate in order to receive their prize.
– The organizers shall not keep any personal documents (birth certificates, ID cards etc.), but only check them and return them immediately to their holders.
– The organizers may ask for any other document or additional declaration, if necessary.
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[heading subtitle=””]FREE REGISTRATION [/heading]

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