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Special Olympics Romania

Special Olympics Romania

Special Olympics Romania was set up in 2003, as an integral part of the Special Olympics international sports movement. Our organization contributes to better integration of intellectually disabled people, offering them the opportunity to unveil and develop their potential and sports skills through training programs and competitions organized across the country. Consequently, our athletes have the opportunity to become active family and community members.


People with disabilities are the largest minority in the world as we speak.

In the Special Olympics movement, things don’t just happen. We need to remember and convince others that:

  • We are an international movement, with over 40 years of experience

  • We don’t encourage conjectural participation, we offer a way of life. We’ve built an entire philosophy on tolerance and acceptance.

  • It’s about us all, not about them

  • We don’t only aim at providing services to a certain group of people; we wish to change our society and demonstrate that change is possible from the playing field, not from the sideline;

  • What we do is important and urgent, not only agreeable and fun


Special Olympics Romania means:

  • Over 27,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities all over the country;

  • Over 1,500 coaches and  volunteers;

  • Over 5,000 students and teachers in mass schools

  • 12 sports;

  • Over 125 special schools and NGO across Romania;

  • 100 sports events organized annually;

  • 50 medical screening sessions.

Every year, we organize sports competitions across Romania, for 12 sports, including gymnastics, swimming, table tennis, football, etc. At the same time, our athletes participate in integrated sports events, such as the International Bucharest Half Marathon and Marathon.

Yearly, we organize the largest sports competition in Romania for people with intellectual disabilities, the Special Olympics National Games. The competition takes place every time in a different city in Romania, reuniting over 600 athletes, coaches and volunteers. The first edition of the National Games took place in Bucharest in 2004, followed by cities such as Constanta, Alba Iulia, Buzau, Satu Mare, etc. The Special Olympics Romania National Games mean athletes from all counties in Romania, parents and volunteers who, together, contribute to the social inclusion of people with international disabilities!

All services provided to the athletes within these games (accommodation, catering, equipment, etc.) are free.

Run for Special Olympics Romania and donate to change a life through sports!



Fundatia Special Olympics din Romania
Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu, Nr. 7, Corp Z, Etaj 2, Sector 6, Bucuresti
Tel/Fax. +40 (0)21 318 59 66

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