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Romanian Red Cross

Romanian Red Cross assists vulnerable people in disasters and crisis situations. Our goal is to prevent and relieve suffering in all its forms, protect health and life. Also , we promote respect for human dignity without any discrimination based on nationality, race, gender, religion, age, social  or political affiliation .
As one of the branches of the Romanian Red Cross Society,  we respect the Red Cross and Red Crescent Mission and act  in accordance with the 7 Fundamental    Principles:of the Red Cross /Red Crescent Movement
– Humanity;
– Impartiality;
– Neutrality;
– Independence;
– Voluntary service;
– Unity;
– Universality.
To assist the vulnerable in our community, Red Cross District 1 Branch developes humanitarian and educational projects and programmes,respectively intervention in case of disaster, first aid rendering, promotion of individual and collective health notions and dissemination of international humanitarian law. Implementation of such projects requires constant and professionsl training of the Branch volunteers.
In this context we wish to refer to a very important and ample program, the one of training  students in gymnasiums and  highschools to be able to render first aid . Their training is both theoretical and practical, in accordance with European First Aid Standard Norms.
The students participating in the competition show great interest and motivation.
We seize the opportunity to underline that the first aid team of National Colllege Saint Sava, who represented Branch sector 1 of the RRC was the national winner of the
First Aid Competition in 2016.
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