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Romanian Angel Appeal


Established in the 90’s by the Beatles members wives, Romanian Angel Appeal (RAA) provides health services for 25 years in Romania.

Impressed by the first pictures of Romanian orphanages, which after the fall of communism, horrified people worldwide, Olivia Harrison mobilized the international artistic community volunteers and funds to support sick and institutionalized children from Romania.

Through partnerships with hospitals, government authorities, NGOs and companies we fight for the good and health of children and people affected by chronic diseases who are at risk of discrimination and social exclusion (institutionalized and disadvantaged children, patients infected with HIV, people affected by autism, patients with tuberculosis, etc.).

In recent years, much of our efforts are directed towards the cause of autism.

Autism is a severe developmental disorder, of neuro-biological nature, which manifests itself either at birth or at age of 18-24 months. Given the nature of the disorder, autistic people of all ages, have special needs that must be answered individually. Without intervention, the severity of the disorder changes over time.

There are now officially more than 7,000 people diagnosed with autism in Romania. Health professionals (physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, etc.) still have difficulties in early diagnosis of autism, the number of specialists in rehabilitation interventions is small, and the infrastructure support and intervention is insufficient. In the same time, integration of children with autism in schools is done with difficulty, despite the inclusive law of education.

Since 2008 we developed seven national projects and many awareness and fundraising campaigns for the cause. Their objectives are:

– Informing the media and the general public on the issue of autism
– Establish a network centered counseling and free assistance
– Training for doctors and training the specialists in therapeutic interventions
– Propose concrete public policies to support people with autism
– Strengthening of advocacy organizations that promote the rights of persons with autism in Romania
– Increasing access to basic social services for children with ASD and their parents
– Training programs for school integration
– Reducing inequalities and preventing social exclusion in schools, community and labor for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
If the life of vulnerable children and young people affected by chronic disease and are at risk of social exclusion is a little better today, we are happy to know that bears a bit of soul Team Foundation Romanian Angel Appeal.


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