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Planting good deeds in Romania

logo PFBRo fundal albOur purpose is to make Romania run freely and plant heavily.

Running alongside “Planting good deeds in Romania”, will give you the chance to get involved and to help those, very passionate, volunteers who will afforest ROMANIA. On the 12th November 2016, we organize an afforestation campaign at least as large as the one in November 2015. Choosing “Planting good deeds in Romania” you can make a long term difference. You can start the process of creating healthier new generation by changing the educational level (showing them the importance a healthy forests and collective power) and improve the environment in which they will live in.

Starting with 2011 up to the date, 22,180 volunteers planted 462,200 trees on 135.5 hectares of unproductive land in 21 counties. In 2015 we proved that nobody but ourselves, are able to generate change within our community, by organizing the largest voluntary afforestation action on November the 14th.
We are the national afforestation initiative based on voluntary work; which aims to set in motion civic society in protecting and growing forests in Romania and Moldova.
Choose to make a change in the life of Romanian youth and toddlers so that they want to live in a country were deforestation is just a bad memory.

For further detailes regarding how you can support „Planting good deeds” to Bucharest half marathon, feel free to contact us on these adresses and

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