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  • March 16, 2016

mihai gainusa

“Even it it’s for the first time I’m running in a race, on April 2nd, I will start several times in the Constitutiei Square at UNIQA Asigurări Bucharest 10km&Family Run. I will run the individual 10k, the race I have been training for every day, and afterwards, I will participate alongside my children, Eva and Andrei, in Kids&Parents Run. Afterwards, if I am still able, I will go home. Possibly by taxi 🙂

I believe in this event because, besides the time spent with their families, the children have to remember the real life, beyond tablets and smart phones. I think that, as parents, we have to encourage our children to play sports outdoors and, eventually, to become ourselves examples. And it’s a life lesson: when you are facing difficulties, if you can’t defeat them, you’d better go round them. By running.”

Journalist, radio-tv producer, author of 6 books, Mihai Gainusa presents the morning show of the Seven Radio station.