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Our kids playing is entertaining, especially when it’s supported by a balanced nutrition. Because the inventive spirit of each kid should be encouraged, NESQUIK® nourishes their limitless creativity.

NESQUIK® Cereals and NESQUIK® OPTI-START Instant Cocoa contain vitamins and minerals important for the proper development of children.

A NESQUIK® Cereals with milk portion provides 22% of the recommended daily iron intake and 15% of the recommended daily vitamin D intake.

NESQUIK® Opti-Start Instant Cocoa complements the goodness of milk and provides the child 17% of the recommended daily iron intake and 47% of the vitamin D.

Iron contributes to normal cognitive development of children and Vitamin D enhances the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus from milk. A balanced nutrition as well as a varied program of physical activity are very important for a healthy growth and development.

Nourish your kid’s potential and enjoy mornings full of imagination together!

This year, NESQUIK® supports the most beautiful teams: families.

We are waiting for you on Sunday, April 1st, at Bucharest 10K & family Run!