The Problem

Every year, approximately 9,000 children enter the child protection system. They are either abandoned or removed from their families because of abuse, neglect, death, or other tragedies.

While the best place for children and their development is a family, they often have no option but to stay in placement centers or other forms of protection for years. The child protection system was initially designed to provide a temporary home for children while they are separated from their families. Sadly, the average child spends 7.5 years in the system, and these years have consequences:

  •       Children in placement centers lose between 1 and 2 points from their IQ per month.
  •       Girls leaving the system are 10 times more vulnerable to human trafficking.
  •       Only 1 in 40 orphans leaving the system after age 18 are legally employed within the first year.

When a child loses his or her family, the best solution is a new family.

Due in part to problems with the current adoption law, of the 50,000 children in the child protection system, only around 3000 children are considered adoptable. In reality, many other children could benefit from adoptive families but legislative obstacles complicate the process. Unfortunately, the number of children adopted annually is around 1,000.

About Us

The Romania Without Orphans Alliance unites NGOs, churches, businesses, government workers and individuals with one common purpose: for each child to benefit from the love and security of belonging to a family. 

What We Do

In order to see a Romania without orphans, we decided to focus on four areas.

We focus on prevention by helping preserve families in danger of losing their children.

We focus on promoting adoption because many people are not aware of the current number of children in need of families nor the long term consequences of institutionalization.

We provide training for those caring for children who have suffered from trauma. Whether adoptive or foster families, teachers, social workers, or psychologists—we desire to see children thrive in their care.

With many legal aspects regarding adoption being managed by the government, we also work on the lobby and advocacy side. We see our relationship with the state as an advantage, not an obstacle.

What You Can Do

  • Run with us and be a voice for the over 50,000 children in Romania without parents.
  • Inform yourself about the issues: enter reality, meet children who need a family, and talk to specialists and adoptive families.
  • Support an adoptive / foster family or support an organization that supports adoption through your time, finances, encouragement, and expertise.
  • Welcome a child into your family. Adopt or offer a child in transition a loving home through family-based foster care.

Contact us for more information:

Tel: 0726138601