Margareta and Gabriel TATU-CHITOIU

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  • March 28, 2016

Three years ago, having been informed about the benefits of the cardiovascular disease prevention, I decided to say yes to long-distance walks. My first attempt took place around Herăstrău Lake – a five kilometer distance –, while being 84 years old. Being accompanied, walking at an easy pace, pausing – I made it. The chosen track remained Grigore Alexandrescu Street – Government building – Aviatorilor Boulevard – The Arch of Triumph, a break in Herăstrău Park, and back on the same route.

Each time I start I tend to quit, but the results – encouraging ones –indicated by the tonometer make me confident: normal breathing, normal blood pressure and heart function, stable gait, and also the positive state of mind. When it comes to us, the seniors, going shopping with a market trolley completes keeping the limb muscles, the mind, the body balance in good shape, and our well being. Together with a balanced diet based mainly on fruits and vegetables I cam say that at my 87 years old I’m in perfect shape.

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