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World Vision Romania

About World Vision Romania

World Vision is active in Romania for more than 25 years, and all our focus goes to the poor children in rural areas.

We offer equal chances to the children for a better future, building educational, health and community development projects.

We are present in nearly 100 countries for more than 65 years. In Romania we started working in 1990 and since then we have developed 250 projects for more than 500.000 children and adults in 400 communities.

Every year we have a direct impact on 20.000 children from rural areas, being present in over 408 rural communities, scrolling more than 50 projects. Our community projects roll mainly in Cluj, Dolj, Ialomiţa, Iasi, Vaslui and Vâlcea.

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 About I want in ninth grade program


19% of students in Romania are forced to abandon school, often due to poverty and family issues.

These children are convicted to live without education and without the prospect of a trade and a stable job, increasing the number of the unemployed, and the number of social assisted people as well.

1 in 4 children cannot afford to go to highschool due to high poverty.


Together, we can help them to attend high school, giving them a monthly allowance of 250 Ron. Thus, depending on the need of everyone, we can help them to cover various expenses such as transportation, school supplies, shoes, clothing, accommodation at the school dormitories. We also support them to better adapt to the school activities and to raise their school performance organizing monthly extracurricular activities for groups .

Help a child to go to high school, offering a scholarship!


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