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Touched Association Romania


Touched Romania Association prevents the child abandonment by helping mothers and children to stay together and to reintegrate into society. With a history of 10 years of beautiful achievements, Touched Romania has developed a number of social programs that help mothers and children in need, victims of domestic violence, poverty and social exclusion.
Our projects are as follows:
• Maternal Center Hagar Home – has helped more than 180 women and 200 children that are at risk, being victims of domestic violence, poverty and social exclusion to reintegrate into society.
• Volunteering project in hospitals and child protection Institutions called“Volunteers for destinies”, alleviate suffering severely ill or abandoned children in hospitals and in other institutions in Bucharest.
• Foster Care Project „Tiny Souls” offering a support group for foster children and foster parents, through an educational program, offering children the chance to grow within some families, having a quiet childhood;
• The Project „Kindergarten for all children» it is a support for the children from poor families, single parent families and help them go to kindergarten and integrate more easily into the community.
• The apartment of transition –offers a shelter for families at risk.
• Counseling and Social Reintegration Center – provides emotional and legal counseling and a socio-professional reintegration program for abused women, victims of domestic violence.
The campaign „Break the silence!” Aims to help women, victims of domestic violence to get help and get out of the situation where there is abuse. All funds raised in the campaign will be targeted at women, victims of abuse and domestic violence.
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