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Romanian Red Cross

Romanian Red Cross

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Romanian Red Cross assists vulnerable people in disasters and crisis situations. Our goal is to prevent and relieve suffering in all its forms, protect health and life. Also , we promote respect for human dignity without any discrimination based on nationality, race, gender, religion, age, social class or political affiliation .

As one of the branches of the Romanian Red Cross Society,  we respect the Red Cross and Red Crescent mission and all the decisions we make are in accordance with the guiding Principles:

– Humanity;
– Impartiality;
– Neutrality;
– Independence;
– Voluntary service;
– Unity;
– Universality.

To assist the vulnerable in our community, Red Cross District 1 Branch promotes  the Food Bank by which any person may donate food for less fortunate people such as the elderly, single parents or disabled.

How does our project work?

  • You do your every-day shopping in one of our partener stores.
  • You buy other food items alongside your usual shopping.
  • You pay your shopping just as usual.
  • You place your spare food items in our special basket located at the exit of the store
  • The Red Cross then picks up, sorts and deposits your donation
  • The food reaches its final destination when it’s on the less fortunate people’s table thanks to our volunteers’ hard work.

If you want to know more about our work and projects, you can visit our web page:

Or you cand find us on facebook:


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