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Renasterea Foundation

Renasterea Foundation

Renasterea Foundation was established in 2001 and has the Public Utility status since 2007. Following our intensive lobby process, the 1st of October was declared the National Day for Fight against Breast Cancer.

Mission: Raising awareness about the importance of early detection of breast and cervical cancer, providing free of charge access to screening, diagnosis and counselling for patients and their families.

Our aim is to:

Promote the importance of early detection and quality of care;

Improve the quality of life for cancer patients, through offering access to quality care;

Improve the survival rate.


Since 2001, Renasterea Foundation has:


45 awareness campaigns;

15 Pink Illumination – events in Bucharest and other 15 cities of Romania;

10 editions of Art for Life – fundraising Gala;

Race for the Cure – first edition (2015)


2 Medical Centers in Bucharest

2 Mobile Units

1 Information Center


Over 24.670 free of charge investigations for women living in rural/pre-urban areas
over 64.000 medical tests in Bucharest


Main activities

Medical Services

  • Renasterea Centres: Digital Mammography System, colposcopy system, ultrasound system, gynecology consultation, and breast consultation, Pap Smear Tests, modern anatomopathology and immunohistochemistry laboratory.
  • Mobile Units: free of charge mammography and Pap Smear Tests, for women living in communities with limited access to medical services.


Awareness campaigns and fundraising events

  • The Pink Illumination Event organized every year on the 1st of October, since 2001 when it marked the launch of Renasterea’s Awareness and Early Detection of Breast Cancer Program. 15 Monuments of Bucharest have been illuminated in pink;
  • “Art for Life” Fundraising Gala , since 2004;
  • Race for the Cure: the most well-known and successful information project on preventing breast cancer in the world and also an important moment to celebrate winners against cancer;
  • Vieti impletite- Brave Cut: a campaign to offer patients wigs, made of natural donated hair. The cost of such a wig is seldom too expensive for the patients (aprox.EUR 1000), this is why we also fundraise to cover the production cost (EUR 150-250).

Destination of our funds

  • Offering free of charge medical services to women from disadvantaged communities, with low income;
  • Offering free of charge external breast prosthesis;
  • Support and psychological sessions for patients, awareness campaigns;
  • Advocacy for better legislation (newest oncological treatments and aligning to EU patient’s rights)




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