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Babies’ Race

Babies’ Race

Babies’ Race is the most spectacular race within the UNIQA Asigurari Bucharest Family & 10K event! Children of maximum 1 year old will compete on a distance of 4.2195 meters, on a special mattress. This would be their first “official training” for their first marathon 🙂
As at the marathon races, all the babies are winners and will receive prizes. Moreover, they will receive a diploma on which their race time will be mentioned. Also, this diploma will guarantee their free registration for the Bucharest MARATHON, when they will be (at least) 18 year old.

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Date: Saturday, May 30th
Distance: 4,2195 m 🙂
Age: 6 – 18 months
-the race stretches over a 4.2195-meter distance, with 2 or 3 babies racing at the same time
-the winner is the baby covering this distance in the shortest amount of time
-each baby’s race time will be written down on a flipchart and included in the final ranking at the end of the day. The first five babies will be awarded prizes.
Entry is free of charge

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