Safety procedures

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  • noiembrie 21, 2018

every marathon runner will have to choose, when collecting their bib number, the gate through which to access the Montanelli Gardens, where the start/finish technical is located;
access to the Montanelli Gardens will have to take place through the gate selected from 7:00 am onwards;
marathon runners must show their bib number and the special card with the gate number to obtain access;
the organization does not guarantee access to the starting sectors in time for the athletes who will present themselves at the gate after 7:45 am;
it will not be allowed to bring inside the Montanelli Gardens any container (bag, backpack, etc.) other than the transparent bag provided by the organization (and marked with the appropriate label with your bib number), inside of which the single articles must be inserted in bulk, to allow an accurate and fast control by the security personnel.