29th May 2021 - 8:00 PM


- The team participating in the relay must be made up of two members, each of them running a single exchange of the stafeta, in the order in which they registered. None of the members of the staff will be able to participate in another race within the EVENT. Only the team that adheres to these rules will have the result registered in the competition and will appear in the official standings.

- In the event that the members of a team do not run in the order of registration or use less than two members and / or one of its members to run more than one exchange, the results of the respective team will be considered out of competition (hors concours) . In this case the results obtained by this team will be displayed and scored with HC and will not be part of the official ranking of the competition.
In case one or more of the team members do not participate, and one or two of the team members will cover more than one segment of the post, it is compulsory to announce the organizer and indicate the person (s) who no longer participates at the start of the race. In case the team participates without announcing the organizer within the announced term, it will be disqualified and its members may be refused registration and participation in any of the future competitions of the organizer.

- To this race can be registered also minors who are born starting with 01.01.2002 legitimized in a club affiliated to the Romanian Athletics Federation or to another IAAF affiliated Federation, under the following conditions:
I. to present the valid certificate / legitimacy that proves the affiliation to a club affiliated to the Romanian Athletics Federation or to another IAAF affiliated Federation and the right to participate in competitions;
II. the certificate / legitimacy will have to be presented at the time of lifting the competition kits;
III. failure to present this certificate / legitimacy or its non-compliance results in the loss of the right to participate in this race and / or disqualification from the race.

- The final ranking at the post will be announced in 30 days from the end of the race.


TIME LIMIT - 1h 30' from official start


About registration

Registration verification

No, no registration can be made on the day of the race.

Registration fees are non-refundable, including for those who have registered and do not attend the competition.

Registration for races within the event can be done online or at the Sport Expo.

  • Online payment by credit / debit card (Bank transfer / payment order - PO) is recommended and can be made by following these steps: 1. Fill in the online application form 2. pay through PO 3. wait for the payment confirmation email 4. after the payment is completed, we validate and confirm your registration.


  • Payment at Sport Expo can be made by runners who have not completed the online registration. They can register at Sport Expo, within the limit of the available competition numbers, with the following conditions: 1. Payment is made only in cash 2. The declaration is completed and signed on its own responsibility 3. The organizer checks the identity document 4. Pick up the race kit.

The participation kit rises from the SPORT EXPO. For SPORT EXPO follow the event schedule.

Relay special rules

No, it's against the rules.

Before the race

The confirmation letter will be received the week of the event.

Unless you are from Bucharest and prove your arrival in Bucharest on the day of the race.

Race day

The time limit is 60 minutes from the official start. Runners who arrive after this time will not be included in the ranking. After these time limits all roads will be reopened to traffic and the organizers will no longer guarantee the safety of the participants.

Access to the start corridors will be allowed starting at 08:00 for the Teenage Care and Family Race, and for 10k and 2x Relay from 19:15. Each runner will have ONLY access to the start sector where he is allocated according to the competition number. The sectors and start corridors are clearly marked at their entrances.

According to the IAAF / AIMS regulation, one hydration point will be placed every 5 km, so at about 5 km / Arrival. Participants are asked to dispose of bottles and plastic cups in areas near hydration points to facilitate the cleaning process. Glass or metal containers are not permitted during the race.

The timing service will be provided for the 10k Individual Race and the Stafeta by a specialized company. The system records each passage of the electronic chip of each runner over the electronic mats (control points) and calculates the time of each runner. The control points are located at the start / finish line and along the route, without being signaled.

After the race

The live and final results will be posted on the event website.