Children’s Forest



We dream of a world in which people and nature are friends again, and investments are made for a positive future!
In the last 9 years, we planted and tended more than 380.000 s.m. of forests on degraded lands; we educated over 9000 people through programmes, workshops and volunteering activities; we created 13 jobs for people from vulnerable groups while making alternatives to plastic bags and collecting recycables; we helped other NGOs and institutions use hot water from sollar collectors built by our volunteers teams. We are ViitorPlus… or FuturePlus… or… your 100% made in Romania NGO.
Children’s Forest means one tree planted and tended for every new-born in the country. It’s more than just ViitorPlus’s vision of a sustainable world, this is the Romanian wisdom put into practice. If you breath, drink water, use paper, love nature, think about our common future, than you must be part of our project! Every euro donated transforms into a sapling, every 20 Euros turn into a grown tree in a forest that protects the south of Romania from desertification, floods and other effects of climate change.
Be part of our Forest team!