Elisabeta LIPA

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I am glad to participate in 10k&Family Run! We –  my son Dragos, my husband Cornel, and me –  will be there with you, on April 2nd, in Constituției Square!

My entire family loves sports and is delighted to support  “10k&Family Run”, especially because the organization team – Bucharest Running Club –  is led by Valeria Racila van Groningen, with whom I have shared good and beautiful years during our cantonments of rowing. She has always been passionate about running and she had managed to turn this passion into a phenomenon which brings added value to Bucharest and Romania.


Elisabeta Lipa is the most decorated rower in the history of Olympics, winning 5 gold, 2 silver and one bronze medals. .She was the Romanian champion for 25 years. Currently, she is the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Monica ROSU

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Monica Rosu, gold medalist in gymnastics at the Athens Olympic Games (in 2004) will start on April 2nd, Constitution Square, at Bucharest 10K & FAMILY RUN.

This is the fifth year when I participate in the Bucharest Running Club events, I have seen them increasing from year to year, it is impressive that tens of thousands of people from dozens of countries take part the Bucharest Marathon and Bucharest Half Marathon every year. I have always felt close to Valeria Van Groningen, president of the Bucharest Running Club, because we come from the same area, the athletes. Therefore, I am confident that this new project – 10k Run & Family will also be successful.

I fondly remember the days when I went out with my parents and brother outdoors, to play tennis or simply walk. I am glad that the 3rd of April event offers the opportunity to extended families – children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, cousins ​​and grandchildren – to become a team and spend the day together in Constitution Square transformed into a space for celebrating sports. My parents are in Bacau, but I will be there with part of the family – my cousin.

Margareta and Gabriel TATU-CHITOIU

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Three years ago, having been informed about the benefits of the cardiovascular disease prevention, I decided to say yes to long-distance walks. My first attempt took place around Herăstrău Lake – a five kilometer distance –, while being 84 years old. Being accompanied, walking at an easy pace, pausing – I made it. The chosen track remained Grigore Alexandrescu Street – Government building – Aviatorilor Boulevard – The Arch of Triumph, a break in Herăstrău Park, and back on the same route.

Each time I start I tend to quit, but the results – encouraging ones –indicated by the tonometer make me confident: normal breathing, normal blood pressure and heart function, stable gait, and also the positive state of mind. When it comes to us, the seniors, going shopping with a market trolley completes keeping the limb muscles, the mind, the body balance in good shape, and our well being. Together with a balanced diet based mainly on fruits and vegetables I cam say that at my 87 years old I’m in perfect shape.

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On April 3rd, I run Bucharest 10k&Family Run together with my son Vlad. I run for a good cause, for Touched Romania, NGO which supports mothers that are forced by circumstances not to raise their children, so, you should come as well, as many as possible, with your entire families to run for a good cause. See you there!” Read More


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Mihai RADULESCU„On April 2nd, I will start from Constituției Square, alongside the entire family – my wife Elena, my daughters Anda and Carla – for the Bucharest 10k&Family Run, organized by Bucharest Running Club. Sport has already been part of our lives, but we „compete” on different fields: I play tennis and football, Elena goes to the gym, Anda swims and Carla has played basketball until recently, but she has started preparations for high school… With such separate training, we couldn’t have chosen to run the 10k race together. So, we shall run 3 km, in the Family Run&Walk Race. We would like to thank the organizers for “pushing” us to run, an invitation that we have gladly accepted. Not only that we change the types of sports, but also we are all in the same place, to practice outdoor sports, and age is of no importance. See you there!”

Mihai Rădulescu has been working in mass-media for more than 25 years, out of which 20 in television. As part of the TVR News Department, he presented and moderated news and shows, and live transmisssions from major internal and international political events.


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mihai gainusa

“Even it it’s for the first time I’m running in a race, on April 2nd, I will start several times in the Constitutiei Square at UNIQA Asigurări Bucharest 10km&Family Run. I will run the individual 10k, the race I have been training for every day, and afterwards, I will participate alongside my children, Eva and Andrei, in Kids&Parents Run. Afterwards, if I am still able, I will go home. Possibly by taxi 🙂

I believe in this event because, besides the time spent with their families, the children have to remember the real life, beyond tablets and smart phones. I think that, as parents, we have to encourage our children to play sports outdoors and, eventually, to become ourselves examples. And it’s a life lesson: when you are facing difficulties, if you can’t defeat them, you’d better go round them. By running.”

Journalist, radio-tv producer, author of 6 books, Mihai Gainusa presents the morning show of the Seven Radio station.


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“I am honored to participate besides my family in 10K & Family Run, event which involves family and sport. Sport is part of my life,not only because I present each evening the latest news on sports, but also because I am an active mother and I am aware that physical activity is important and beneficial on every age.

We all need sports to grow, to develop harmonically and to be fit. I love to go outdoors with my children and we have a schedule which includes sports in accordance with age and preferences. For example, Sarah, who is 8, practices horse riding and swimming, David (14 years old) – football and swimming, Ava (2) and Noah (3) – aquatic sports. As a responsible parent, my top priority is their happiness and health. We invite you all to share with us a day of sports and health!”


Fashion model at 18th, currently mother of four and pregnant with the 5th baby but still in a fabulous physical shape, the presenter of the Focus Sport from Prima TV, Anca Serea has built alongside Adrian Sina (Akcent) the couple voted as the most popular in 2015.

Florentina OPRIS

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Florentina Opris will start from the Constitutiei Square on April 3rd for 10k&Family Run

“The values you choose to follow have been drawn since childhood, and, from this point of view, I was blessed by the chance that my family provided me a guideline which made me who I am. And that guideline was: never accept compromises. I have listened to this principle every moment of my life. And by compromise, I mean adopting a healthy lifestyle – exercise and choose a proper food – and also the right positioning towards  the people and events that have crossed my destiny.

I would like to congratulate the Bucharest Running Club’s team for the initiative of organizing an event where families will run and play together. On April 2nd, I will start form the Constitutiei Square alongside my son.”


The producer of the “Sport, dieta si-o vedeta” show broadcasted by Kanal D and author of two books – “Sport, Diete&Vedete” and “Trup Si Suflet Sanatos”, Florentina Opris is a promoter of a healthy lifestyle in Romania.


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“Stop running after discounts and promotions and start running for real. That’s what we do. Well, we will not manage to participate in the 10k, but we intend to run those 2.9 km, around the Parliament House, side by side, as a family – Teodora, Mihai and me.

“On April 2nd, Bucharest Running Club invites you to an event that you wouldn’t want to miss – for yourself, for your health and for your family – Bucharest 10k & Family Run”.

Liana Stanciu

One of the best known voices in the Romanian mass-media, radio-tv presenter on TVR and Magic fm, Liana Stanciu is married to Mihai Georgescu (the singer of Bere Gratis band) and, they have a daughter, Teodora.