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  • March 16, 2016

“I am honored to participate besides my family in 10K & Family Run, event which involves family and sport. Sport is part of my life,not only because I present each evening the latest news on sports, but also because I am an active mother and I am aware that physical activity is important and beneficial on every age.

We all need sports to grow, to develop harmonically and to be fit. I love to go outdoors with my children and we have a schedule which includes sports in accordance with age and preferences. For example, Sarah, who is 8, practices horse riding and swimming, David (14 years old) – football and swimming, Ava (2) and Noah (3) – aquatic sports. As a responsible parent, my top priority is their happiness and health. We invite you all to share with us a day of sports and health!”


Fashion model at 18th, currently mother of four and pregnant with the 5th baby but still in a fabulous physical shape, the presenter of the Focus Sport from Prima TV, Anca Serea has built alongside Adrian Sina (Akcent) the couple voted as the most popular in 2015.